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About Us


To build stronger communities and provide financial support to the causes that are near and dear to the heart of Canadian consumers, while empowering and encouraging individuals to make conscientious purchasing decisions.


What we're about: is a unique, online shopping experience that benefits Canadian non-profit groups and their supporters.

We've partnered with 100s of popular retailers and travel sites, and each online purchase generates an automatic donation for the customer's chosen non-profit. There are no mark-ups, no premiums, no memberships, and no out-of-pocket donations! We are constantly adding new retailers and travel partners, as long as they "play nice" with Canadian shoppers (ie. reasonable shipping rates and return policies). is currently available to non-profits and charities all across Canada. There are no volunteer hours needed, no stuffing envelopes or going door-to-door, and all the tracking and reporting is done by us. The hardest part for the charities is deciding how to spend the money! If you know of a non-profit group that could benefit from our website, please let us know or tell them to check out our website.


How we got started and who we are:

Our Founder & CEO - Richelle Skrilec was created by Richelle Skrilec - busy wife and mother of two teenage daughters. Richelle started because she was tired of spending countless hours helping raise funds for the local schools and sports programs using traditional fundraising methods. She knew that people were tired of going door-to-door or asking friends and family to purchase items no one really wanted. She knew that volunteer time was valuable and she was determined to create an easy, ongoing fundraiser that every Canadian non-profit group could use to bring in much-needed funds year-round.

Richelle's entrepreneurial spirit, formal education in business management, and years of business management experience helped her turn her idea into a reality and was finally launched in the summer of 2009.


Communications Assistant - Amber Craig

Amber has been working with for the past 3 years or so and is an invaluable member of our team. Her creativity, marketing know-how, and social media skills are top-notch. But it is Amber's passion for fundraising and philanthopic work that really sets her apart. We are so honored to have her on our team - her positive and generous attitude is contageous.



Tech Team Lead - Kevin Colton

Kevin is a HUGE asset to our development team. He brings a wealth of programming and technical knowledge to the virtual table, as well as great, creative ideas on future development projects. He's the type of guy that takes our "that would be so cool" and turns it in to "yes, that's cool, but let's make it even better", and he's always up for a challenge.



Want to join our team? is currently looking for volunteers and/or interns to help us reach out to non-profit groups via social media (and/or in person) and let them know about the fundraising opportunity. The hours are flexible, you can work as little or as much as you have time for, and you can work from the comfort of your own home. And, there may be an opportunity to join our team in a p/t paid capacity down the line. Please call us at 1-888-466-2499 if you are interested.