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Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc.

Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc.
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Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc.
Regtax: 119080422RR0001

371 Princess Avenue
London ON

The word "Anago" comes from the ancient Greek language. "Ana" means "to redo something, to improve on it". "Ago" is the verb "to lead". Anago, literally translated means "to lead from one place to a better place". That is our mission.

Anago supports individuals with complex needs within three distinct service areas:

  • Adolescent females who are deemed "in need of protection";
  • Youth who are in trouble with the law and at risk in the community; and
  • Persons with developmental and or physical challenges.

Vision - It is the vision of Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc. to provide learning opportunities for all persons associated with this agency to become more capable of achieving a quality life.

Culture - Our Culture embodies: Respect Empowerment Accountability

Our Mission Statement - In Addition to our Vision and Mission Statement, Anago operated from a specific set of Core Values. These Values are:

  • Every individual deserves to be treated with honesty, dignity and respect.
  • Respect for self, others, and out environment is paramount.
  • Behaviour change takes place most effectively in the context of relationships with responsible individuals who model effective, socially responsible behaviours.
  • Relationships must be based on integrity, compassion, empathy and trust.
  • Whenever possible, family relationships and involvement must be maintained throughout the time individuals participate in programming.
  • Employees are an agency's most valuable asset and, as such, deserve all the resources that we can make available to them through training, clear information and expectations, equipment adequate for the job and support and supervision so they can succeed in the workplace.
  • Programs and Services, residential and nonresidential, must  be responsive to, and effective in, meeting the needs of individuals from the communities we serve.
  • Programs and Services, residential and nonresidential, must be based on "Best Practice".
  • Programs and Services we provide must be integrated with Programs and Services of community partners to ensure continuity of care for the clients that we serve.
  • We are accountable to clients and communities that we serve, to community partners who provide collateral services, and to our funders.
  • We seek input and feedback from clients, community partners who provide collateral services, and our funders. This is an essential ingredient to improve the quality of our Programs and Services.

Please visit for more information.

This non-profit allows you to direct your donation to any of the following funds:

  • General Fund
  • Hull Road
  • Huron Street
  • Lillian Residence
  • Notre Dame
  • Notre Dame Apartment
  • Robert's Place
  • Genest Detention Centre for Youth
  • King Street
  • Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence
  • Community Participation Supports Program
  • Connects Centre
  • Fanshawe College - Anago Bursary Fund
  • "The BEE"
  • Power Angels Program
  • Outboard Bound Summer Experience Program
  • Other
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