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You'll find a wide variety of products at

  • apparel, toys, shoes, beauty products, home decorations, furniture, mattresses, bed & bath, appliances, electronics, fitness & health, tools
  • Popular brand names: Craftsman, DeWalt, Bosch, Black & Decker, Sony, Electrolux, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Panasonic, Hoover, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Sean John, and Levi's
  • "Deal of the Day" and "This week at Sears" promotions
  • Free Shipping on Qualifying Purchases

The New Wedding Boutique! Getting ready for the big day? find clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories, gifts & more for everyone

Sears Canada  Shipping for as low as $6.95 from

Gift Cards Sears is making it easier to Live Green  Daily Deals from Appliances from


 Sears Gift Registry - Inspiration starts here!


* Have you ever been worried about your job security?  Although Canadian unemployment rates seem to be improving, there is still a certain level of volatility in the job market.  To help address consumer concerns about job security, Sears Financial is introducing this unique insurance product, which offers customers up to $1,000 per month in tax-free cash to help with paying bills, loans or other debts, in the event of involuntary job loss (e.g. downsizing), accident, and/or injury. 

Coverage starts as low as $9.50 per month for Job Loss, and Hospital and Home Recovery benefits.

How would you pay your bills if you lost your job? Learn about the Sears Financial Personal Income Protection Plan today to learn more!

Protect your income against involuntary job loss. Learn about the Sears Financial Personal Income Protection Plan.

Great prices on a wide selection of household items, apparel, tools, jewelry, and more. And they now also offer an Income Protection Plan that provides coverage in the event of involuntary job loss, accident, and/or injury.

Donation Amounts are as follows:

  • 1.5% on all purchases, except for Sears HomeCentral installed products and services, Sears Travel, Sears U.S. products and all licensed departments
  • $5.00 for each new enrollment in Sears Financial's Income Protection Plan or Term, Accident, or Guaranteed Issue Insurance
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