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Our Partners

Communication Toolbox

Communication Toolbox

This page is for our valued Charity/Non-Profit Partners. It's full of great tools you can use to help spread the word about and tell your supporters how they can easily raise automatic donations for you each time they shop online. Simply click on the items you'd like to download, print, or order.

*Please remember that ALL images and documents are copyrighted and are to be used for the purpose of promoting the website ONLY. If you need any help using any of these tools, please let us know. We're happy to help! 


  • Video - this 48 second video is perfect for sharing in your digital newsletters, on your website, on your facebook page, with your email signature, and during any board/staff/member meetings:


  • Intro Letter - attach a copy to your emails and newsletters, or hand some out at your next event.



  • Introductory Blurbs - copy and paste these in your newsletters, facebook page, or when introducing this fundraising opportunity to your supporters:
    • SHORT - "You can now help us raise automatic donations every time you shop or book travel online. Visit to register, then follow the links to your favourite websites to shop or book travel online. And you won't pay a penny extra!"
    • MEDIUM - "Did you know you can help us raise money just by shopping online and booking travel on your favourite websites? It won't cost you a penny extra and you'll pay the same prices on everything! Just register at and remember to stop there before shopping online. They've got links to hundreds of popular websites, and a small portion of any money you spend will automatically be donated to us."
  • Pamplets - attach these to your emails, copy & paste them into your newsletters, or print some out and hand them out to your supporters at your next event.

  • Posters - print some out and hang them on the walls, or email us and we'll send you a PDF of the poster with your organization's logo and name on it.

  • Wordsearch - include this wordsearch in your next newsletter and let your supporters have some fun searching for kind, charitable, and meaningful words that will remind them of your organization. Or print some copies and run a contest to see who can find all of the words first! (click here for the answer key)


  • Website Banners - upload these images onto your website with one of the blurbs from above, and link them to our site ( Or email us and we'll add your organization's logo and/or name for you.