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Info for Non-Profits

Introducing the easiest online fundraiser ever! was created to help local charities and non-profit groups raise much-needed funds, without all the hassles of traditional fundraising programs. We've taken care of all the details in order to make your participation easy - the hardest part for you will be deciding how to spend the money!!

  • ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS TOOLBOX - we've created all the tools you'll need to tell your supporters about the program and get those donations rolling in fast.
  • Free and Easy to join - no set-up fees, maintenance fees, or transactions fee for you or your supporters
  • Everything is automated - no tedious paperwork, counting money, or volunteer hours required
  • Year-Round Donations - no deadlines or minimums to meet
  • Hundreds of popular, reputable retailers & travel sites - your supporters can buy what they want, whenever they want, from their favourite online stores
  • Prices are the same - there are no mark-ups or premiums on your purchase prices and some of our Retail Partners even offer money-saving deals
  • Dedicated Support Team - we pride ourselves on being attentive and helpful, and we work hard to make sure you and your supporters are completely satisfied
  • Dedicated Feature Page - your organization will receive a dedicated page on our website. We will highlight some of the great work your organization does, provide links to your website (if applicable), and display your logo.
  • Featured Non-Profit Program - we choose a different non-profit to highlight each month and proudly display their logo and link to more information on our homepage. It’s a great way to gain additional exposure, donations, and perhaps some new supporters.


  How does it work?

Each online purchase made through our website generates an automatic donation for whichever non-profit or charity the customer chooses. It doesn't cost you or your supporters a penny extra to participate or shop, we take care of all the tracking and administration for you, and we've partnered with hundreds of popular retailers & travel sites which means your supporters will be able to buy whatever they want and help generate automatic donations for you all year long!


Here's a more detailed explanation...

  • Each online shopping trip MUST START from Your supporters need to log in to their account and follow the links to their favourite retailers from our site in order to trigger donations. Your organization's unique ID# is embedded in the links so we know where to send the donations when purchases are made.
  • The donation amounts vary between retailers and are displayed on each retailer and/or product page. To see the donation amounts associated with each retailer, click here.
  • Once your organization has reached a minimum $33 donation balance, we will send the funds to you via a secure platform called 'Veem', which will deposit the funds right into your bank account. We process e-donation payments once/month.
  • If you are the authorized Non-Profit Rep, you can view your organization's donations/transactions by logging in to your account and clicking on the 'Donations Report' link.
  • works a bit differently. They are not able to report the chosen charities back to us, so please read the notice on our Amazon page for more details.
  • How does cover its expenses? receives referral commissions from each retailer when purchases are made through the site. We donate 1/2 and keep 1/2 to cover the costs of developing and maintaining the website, etc. The donation amounts shown for each retailer and/or product are what the non-profits actually receive.


  Potential Donations Available


How much can your organization make with The donation amounts vary between retailers, but with an average donation amount of *3%, donations can really add up quickly. Typically, the more supporters you have shopping online through our site, the more money you can make.

Let's take a look at some quick calculations:

  • If only 10 supporters spend an average of $100 online each month with an average donation amount of *3%, your organization would receive a $30 donation cheque each month ($360/year). Not bad considering that the program runs on its own and doesn't require any valuable volunteer hours, space, inventory management, door-to-door sales, counting cash, etc.
  • 50 supporters x $150 = $225/mo ($2700/yr). Again, $2700 is pretty decent given that it didn't take any work from anyone in your organization, other than cashing the cheques!
  • 200 supporters x $200 = $1200/mo ($14,400/yr). Easy and obtainable.

Are you wondering if your supporters could spend an average of $100-$200/month online? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY! Just think about it. With hundreds of popular retailers and travel sites to choose from, your supporters can buy everything online from clothing, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, books, DVDs, travel, home improvement, sports equipment, electronics, and so much more! One pair of boots and a winter jacket alone can easily run between $200-$600!

Are you hesitating because you’re not a big online shopper yourself and find it hard to imagine what people would buy online? Here are some stats to show just how much people spend online and how quickly the donations can add up:







* 3% donation is the average donation amount based on actual purchases made through to date.


  What do I need to do next?


  • If you still have questions about our Free Fundraising Program or how our website works, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are here to help!
  • If you're ready to get started now, click here to register your 'Non-Profit' Account and be added to our list of donation recipients (you do NOT have to be a registered charity - we encourage all Canadian non-profit organizations to apply).
  • Ask all of your supporters to register on - the more people you tell, the more money you can make. And our online Communication Toolbox makes it easy for you to spread the word.
  • Keep in touch! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and encourage your supporters to do the same. We regularly post great fundraising tips, money-saving deals, contest information, and more, plus our posts serve as great reminders for your supporters to keep using the site and bringing in those donations.
  • Issue receipts & send us a testimonial (if possible) to as you receive your donations.
    • you may mail them to our office at 3801 - 16 Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 4W5, or


Again, thank you for your interest in We've worked hard to make our fundraising program one of the easiest ways to raise funds ever and we want to make sure our non-profit/charity partners are well taken care of. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know.

Click here to see a list of all the participating non-profits so far.

Click here for our company contact information, or e-mail us directly at [email protected]


Your Support Team at