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*Featured Non-Profit*
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International D.O.V.E. Association Inc.


Dove's Motto is: Today's Orphans = Tomorrow's Leaders.

We currently work in Sierra Leone and have been working there since 1998. Dove's vision is to care for orphans and children abandoned because of war and poverty in West Africa. Our goal is to raise these children in a Christian environment providing food, clothing, shelter and education. Our desire is that the children will grow into God-fearing adults with outstanding personal integrity which will return to their home countries in positions of authority that can help make the future better for other children.

We have given aid to hundreds of children over the years and have now established Dove's Village of Hope on the outskirts of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone. Our Village of Hope has housing and school facilities for the orphaned and abandoned children who are in our programs. Dove also operates development projects, vocational education, and provides additional relief to communities as funds and opportunity allows. We believe education is key to creating a brighter future for these children and their country.

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