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Survivors Hope Crisis Centre Inc.

Survivors Hope Crisis Centre Inc.
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Survivor's Hope Crisis Centre Inc.
Box 925
Pinawa MB

Survivor's Hope Crisis Centre has been working in eastern Manitoba since 2003 to address sexual violence and relationship abuse.  We currently operate three programs in the region: SARAH; SADI; and Reaching Out. 

Our organization provides support to victims of sexual assault through our SARAH program. Trained SARAH workers respond 24/7 to the needs of victims of sexual assault who report to the local hospitals or RCMP detachments. As crisis intervention workers we provide emotional support as well as information on medical and legal options, sexual assault trauma, safety planning, and support services. We also assess the suicide risk and coping skills of the victim, and any child welfare issues.

The SADI program is a series of workshops delivered to young people in regional schools. Guided by the learning outcomes for the Manitoba Physical Education and Health Curriculum we engage students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 in discussion on the root causes of relationship violence. Grade 6 workshops explore healthy relationships and smart choices, media influence, personal boundaries, assertivess, and bystander responsibilities in bullying situations. Grade 8 workshops explore building positive relationships, gender stereotyping and media, cyber bullying and exploitation. Grade 10 workshops examine respect and communication in healthy relationships, building self esteem, sexual harassment and homophobia. Grade 12 workshops present information on dating violence and patterns of abuse, date rape and sexual exploitation. Workshops are delivered by Survivor's Hope facilitators to more than 1200 students in a school year.

Reaching Out is our newest project. Reaching out to those living, working and playing in eastern Manitoba we provide opportunities to talk about sexual violence and relationship abuse. We help women to identify abuse, seek support and break the sense of isolation that rural women often feel when being victimized. We also share information with service providers, educators and employers so they may better support the women they encounter through their work in the region.

Talking about sexual assault and relationship violence can be difficult for victims and their loved ones. It shouldn't be difficult. In Canada, 39% of adult women have experienced sexual violence. Many of these women will never talk about their experiences. The services and information we provide to our friends, neigbours and co-workers empowers those being victimized to seek support, encourages bystanders to offer support, and provides young people with the skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.

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