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Get Bear Smart Society

Get Bear Smart Society
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Get Bear Smart Society
Regtax: 877206565RR0001

PO Box 502
Whistler BC

The Get Bear Smart Society is a collaboration of staff, board members, advisors, partners and supporters in British Columbia and across North America. Together, we are helping to create a paradigm shift in people's attitudes toward bears, which will allow bears and people to coexist in harmony. Our goal is to minimize human-bear conflicts so people and bears can coexist wherever their homes and home ranges overlap. Human-bear conflicts can lead to property damage, bear deaths and/or relocations, and in rare cases, human injuries and/or fatalities. The good news is that almost all human-bear conflicts are preventable by ensuring all homes, neighbourhoods and communities are Bear Smart. The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) accomplishes this through — Bear Smart Education; providing Non-Lethal Bear Management options for wildlife officials and police; and by helping to create Bear Smart Communities. Please go to for more information.

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