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Giant Steps Toronto

Giant Steps Toronto
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Giant Steps Toronto
35 Flowervale Road
Thornhill ON

Giant Steps is a school & therapy centre for elementary school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

At Giant Steps, we are passionate about improving the lives of kids with autism through a unique combination of intervention AND inclusion -- teaching children with autism new skills through academics, life skills and specialized therapies, AND supporting them in their local schools.

Children in the Giant Steps program receive individualized programs of academics, life skills and speech, music, play/social skills, behaviour and occupational therapies. After a period of intensive intervention, students are integrated gradually into their local schools. There they spend part of their school week with typically developing peers, supported by a Giant Steps Program Assistant and the consulting services of the Giant Steps team.
Our long-term goal is to integrate children with autism into their neighbourhood schools full-time.

Please visit for more information.

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