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Cafe Britt

Cafe Britt
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Cafe Britt is a specialty travel retailer with over 50 stores in 5 countries that owns and manufactures its key brands in premium coffees, chocolates and specialty items. Britt has coffee and chocolates production facilities in Costa Rica (since 1985) and in Peru (since 2005). For its coffee production the Company has intense interaction with growers, giving them training and advice to ensure the final products' premium quality and commitment to environmental standards. In other areas such as local handcrafts the Company has established long term relationships with its producers, which in many cases work on an exclusive basis.

100% Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee Cafe Britt
Cafe Britt Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans 250x250
  • PLEASE NOTE: The prices listed on this website are in US Dollars. Please keep the current exchange rate in mind as you make your purchases. Your credit card statement will reflect the adjusted total in Canadian Dollars.

Cafe Britt offers the finest selection of specialty blends, organic and kosher coffees, luxurious coffee chocolates, chocolate truffles, unique gourmet coffee gifts, nuts, candies and hot tropical salsa.

* Please note their current shipping terms, but be aware that their terms may change at any time so please refer to their website before placing your order.*

We offer one flat rate ($8.95) for shipping & handling and FREE SHIPPING when buying 6 bags or more to the continental US and Canada. Packages with destinations outside the continental US may be subject to customs fees or import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped. Any customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient.

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