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TurboTax (previously QuickTax)

TurboTax (previously QuickTax)
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Use TurboTax to do your taxes Easily!

TurboTax (previously QuickTax) personal tax products are easy... plain and simple. There's no confusing jargon. Just step-by-step guidance to help you get back every penny you deserve!

Small businesses and self-employed individuals file today with TurboTax Canada!


In Canada, we have to file our taxes by April 30th, so why not get started now... Use Canada's #1 best-selling tax software - FREE if you qualify!

Students, Do Your Taxes for Free. The Easy Way. Online.

Great for 1st time filers! Students, you've got enough on your plate without trying to figure out your taxes... and what student tax deductions you're entitled to. So, why not let TurboTax help you out?

TurboTax Student Online Edition is the free & easy way to do your taxes. Plus, file online1 to get your refund in about 8 days.

  • Get step-by-step guidance throughout the process
  • There's no complicated jargon or lingo - just simple tax questions designed for students
  • You can do it all online (in your Web browser), so there's no software to install
  • And when we say free, we mean it. If you paid tuition last year & earned less than $20,000, you qualify to use TurboTax Student Online Edition for free!

Donation Amounts are as follows:

  • 7.5% per purchase
  • $0.50 per free version
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